"When we used Baron & Baron for a season, we had truly beautiful pictures. But nothing happened, we hardly got any press. Where as when I did this campaign with David, it was like an explosion of press articles. We got a lot of attention...."

-Eddie Rodriguez, Wilke Rodriguez,
Group Vice President, ALDO


"Clever. It reminds me of a campaign I did when I started that was so successful..."

-Tommy Hilfiger


"The DKNwhy? ad was such a smart campaign... You could see all the questions floating throughout the city. At Calvin Klein, everybody including Calvin Klein himself, was talking about it."

-VP, Men design Calvin Klein


"I did not know that these ads were from David: 'Tommy can you hear me?', DKNwhy?', and 'Escape CK!' I said to myself 'Oh my god, this is so great!'

Owner of Caprice Jewel